Sarah & Ozan at Lorimar Winery

December 4th, 2017

It didn’t take long after Sarah joined Ozan’s kickball team in 2013 for him to make his move. A few drinks with the team at Sarah’s favorite watering hole lead to a first date a few days later. An effortless and fun beginning was full of adventures in San Diego ranging from jet skiing to hiking. After a few months, Ozan asked Sarah to join him on an annual summer lake house trip with some of his close friends. It was during this trip, on a quiet canoe ride, that they both realized they had something very special. …AND DECIDED ON FOREVER! Fast forward three years and many adventures later, including sailing around the Caribbean with Ozan as captain and Sarah as his first mate, Sarah once again joined Ozan on that annual lake house trip. Little did she know the big plan he had set in motion. Ozan’s friends distracted Sarah with her wake boarding theme song (Lady Gaga’s Applause) while positioning her at the end of the very same dock where they embarked on that fateful canoe ride long ago. Ozan joined Sarah on the dock, held her hand and said “It was here 3 years ago that we decided to start our adventure together. I think it is fitting that here is where I ask you if you want to continue it with me forever!”

Ozan & Sarah from Classic Filmworks on Vimeo.

Lorimar Winery – Venue
Jason Wilbur – Photographer
Vive Entertainment -DJ Peter Papadopoulos
SoCal Wedding Guitar – Acoustic Guitarist John Evans
Cakes to Celebrate -Cake
Sweet Petals Florist
Vine Limo
Knight & Veil – Hair/Makup
Rustic Events -Chair Rentals

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