David & Stephanie at The Woodshed

October 6th, 2017

Stephanie and David from Classic Filmworks on Vimeo.

David had tried for four months to take Stephanie out on a proper date since they had only hung out as “friends” watching movies, studying, chatting, and attending many school functions together (David even asked Stephanie if she would go “stag” to a dance with him). Then one day when David was walking Stephanie out to her car after a Greek event, he asked her again “When will you let me take you on a date?” and she said “I will, but it will have to be a group date”.
Their first official date was in October of 2011.They went to Elephant Bar (which they attended alone) and afterwards they went to a pumpkin patch with two of their close friends. It was not until December that year that they officially called themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

The wedding was at the Woodshed, a fun rustic microbrew venue that reflected their love of beer. Stephanie’s bouquet and the florals even had hops included! Of course their bull dog ‘Boozer’ was part of the ceremony as well!

Day of Coordinator – Bustle and Bash – Corie Behrman
Venue – The Woodshed
Photographer – Primrose Plum Photography
DJ – Sunset Mobile Music
Catering – Urge Gastropub
Furniture Rentals – Anar Party Rentals
Florist – The Floral Craft

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